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3.0+ Intermediate Result

Intermediate 3.0 Draw.png


Pickleball Gangster Alpha

Boo Chong Liang

Elson Cheng

Jeffery Kuok

Tan Lee Nah

Ann Loo Yoke Oi

2nd Position

Game Changer

Jimmy Tan Heng Chin

Fang Teek Pin

William James Francis

Jacqueline Wong

Roslyn Tan

3rd Position

Picky Paddlers

Tan Ah Siang

Jasper Tan

Loretta De Silva

Felicia Ng

Alice Ong

4th Position

Hot Shots 3.0

Linn Wen Ping

Chun Tan

Leong Lai San

Lauren Ling

Jerlin Ong

4.0+ Advanced Result

Advanced 4.0 Draw.png


Hot Shots 4.0

Pua Chee Seng

Ping Boon Chia

Pini Lee

Macy Guo

Cao Xiao Ju

2nd Position

North Base

Chong Siew Tan

Ng Boon Heng

Justin Quek

Tan Week Heng

Tan Wen Lyn

3rd Position

One United

Peter How

Jasen Tham

Hari Mohan

Kok Yoke Kheng

Ong Lay Yong

4th Position

Never Say Never

Tommy Lim Chin San

Cheok Chin Yam

Cynthia Ler Lee Ai

Serene Toh Kwee Lan

Elaine Yong Chaw Yin



Pickleball Global Ranking - A Modern Approach

We are adopting the Pickleball Global Ranking (GPR) system to establish a competition structure for future national level tournaments, applicable also to regional and international tournaments. 

YEAR END SMASH 2020 is a Tier 3 event.

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