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Open Courts at Bedok North permanently painted with our Pickleball Non-Volley Lines

We managed to get 5 open courts under the management of the Aljunied-Hougang Town Council, Kaki Bukit Branch, permanently painted with our 7 ft Non-Volley Line. The courts are at

- Blk 522, Bedok North Ave 1

- Blk 525, Bedok North St 3

- Blk 534, Bedok North St 3

- Blk 543, Bedok North Ave 1

Those who find it convenient may like to consider utilising those courts. There is an Indonesian confectionary called Borobudur Snacks Shop and an interesting shop that makes and sells their own boutique light and dark soya sauce a few shops to the left. The nasi lemak in Blk 511 in Kaki Bukit Food Centre is also quite good. Look for the queue.

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