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7 Dec, Mon 7:30pm to 9:30pm

Team's Manager Meeting via ZOOM

11 Dec, Fri 9am to 7pm at CLEMENTI SPORTS HALL 

Intermediate 3.0+ Round 1 round-robin

12 Dec, Sat 9am to 7pm at CLEMENTI SPORTS HALL

Advanced 4.0+ Round 1 round-robin

13 Dec, Sun 9am to 5pm at CLEMENTI SPORTS HALL 

Intermediate 3.0+ - Quarter-final, Semi-final and Final

Advanced 4.0+ - Quarter-final, Semi-final and Final

13 Dec, Sun 5pm to 7pm at CLEMENTI SPORTS HALL

Post Smash Games - Fastest Serve Challenge and other games


Hi5 Team Challenge Categories:-

Team Challenge - Intermediate (3.00 - 3.99)

Team Challenge - Advanced (4.00 - 4.99)

i. Player’s rating standard shall be in accordance to IFP guidelines.


ii. Game Format:

a. Round Robin followed by Single Elimination.

b. Maximum teams per Round Robin flight shall be 4. For flights of 2 or more, top 2 teams from each flight shall be promoted. If teams in each flight is reduced to 3, only top team shall be promoted.


iii. Round Robin Draws shall be determined by PG Software according to Team’s Combine Ratings and past national tournament performances.


a. Each Team shall consist of 5 players, of which 1 shall be a senior of age 55 years & above, based on year of birth.  Therefore any player born in year 1965 or before shall be 55 years or above in 2020.

b. Each Match shall consist of 3 games of 15 points,

- Game 1 - Men’s Doubles

- Game 2 - Women’s Doubles

- Game 3 - Mixed Doubles


c. Each player shall play at least 1 game, and Teams shall play all 3 games, i.e. 3-0, 2-1, 1-2, 0-3.


d. 15 point games, first to reach 15 points shall be winner.


e. Due to safe distancing measures, Teams shall not change sides throughout the match. Team with first choice of end or serve shall be determined by coin toss. The winner of coin toss chooses either to serve or the starting end, and the opponent shall take the other.


f. Tournament Director reserves the rights to modify the division and format.


Fees - $40 per Team (Flat Rate) | 5 players per Team

Awards - Winners will be awarded medals for Gold, Silver and Bronze.  There will be no prize money for this event.

Registration dates from 10 Nov, Tue to 27 Nov, Fri.  Limited to 16 teams per category.


Online Registration via ActiveSG MMS Online

Players shall only be allowed to register with one team; and in one of above Categories, either Intermediate or Advanced only.

The Tournament Director reserves the right to amend the rules and regulations or schedule the fixtures of the tournament at any time as it deems fit. The decision on all such matters shall be final. No prior notice is required. However, Participants shall be informed before the competition.



Pickleball Global Ranking - A Modern Approach

We are adopting the Pickleball Global Ranking (GPR) system to establish a competition structure for future national level tournaments, applicable also to regional and international tournaments. 

YEAR END SMASH 2020 is a Tier 3 event.

All participants are required to have a Pickleball Global PGID account, to register visit


a. Unless otherwise stated, we shall be adopting USAPA/IFP 2020 Official Rulebook:


b. Players may use any USAPA compliant paddle specified under Section 2.3 of the USAPA/IFP 2020 Official Rulebook or approved paddle that are listed in this link:


c. We shall be using USAPA approved Onix Sports Fuse G2 Outdoor Ball (yellow) for this tournament.

d. No referee and line judges for the preliminary rounds. Players will call their own scores in accordance to IFP rule 4.A.1.

e. A technical officer is assigned to each court to oversee the match, any dispute can be raised to the officer on duty.


f. Referee and line judges will only be assigned to medal matches. Referee shall make the final call if there is a dispute.


Rules and Regulation

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