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Pickleball Global Ranking - A Modern Approach

We are adopting the Pickleball Global Ranking (GPR) system to establish a competition structure for future national level tournaments, applicable also to regional and international tournaments. 

NATIONAL NOVICE PICKLEBALL 2021 is a Tier 3 event.

All participants are required to have a Pickleball Global PGID account, to register visit


a. Unless otherwise stated, we shall be adopting USAPA/IFP 2021 Official Rulebook:


b. Players may use any USAPA compliant paddle specified under Section 2.E of the USAPA 2021 Rulebook or approved paddle that are posted on the USAPA website.


c. We shall be using USAPA approved Dura Fast 40 (yellow) for this tournament.

d. No line judges for the Preliminary Rounds.  Players will make their own line calls in accordance to the guidelines spelt out in the Official Rulebook. 

e. Unless otherwise stated, a Technical Officer will be assigned to each court to oversee the match, any dispute can be raised to the officer on duty. 


f. Referee and line judges will be assigned to Medal Matches only. 


g. Enquiries whatsapp/sms 97871512, or email


Rules and Regulation

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